Why should we trust High Mining?

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Most cloud mining companies are not real, and only aim to scam customers. 

What are the signs of scamming companies?

1. They are not usually registered officially. 

2. They offer unrealistically high returns. For example, the rough ratio of cryptocurrency mining capacity, and mining power and (network) difficulty is statistically fixed and identifiable. Therefore, it is absurd that some cloud mining websites claim that their daily returns can go up to 4 percents. Such a claim cannot be realistic, and as a result investing in such websites is equivalent to handing over your capital to a bunch of crooks. 

3. They do not have any insurance plans registered in a reliable insurance company. 

4. They only process those investment deposits through cryptocurrency which cannot be traced. 

5. The identities of their administrators and operators are not well-known. 

6. They have no fixed office, postal address or landline. 

7. They do not deposit returns on a daily basis. 

8. They block accounts due to unreasonable excuses. 

9. They even accept very little amounts as viable investments in their mining process. 

High Mining as a mining company of the future has done its best − and will continue to do so − to gain its customers’ trust. It believes that their trust is its biggest asset.